3 Assignments

All assignments will be described more thoroughly in class, but they are generally where you fork a repository and answer the assignment sections of Rmd files in the repo. After assignments have been turned in, the answers will be posted here as html files or links to completed Rmds.

3.1 Snow influences on summer vegetation

First you will need to fork the Hayman Fire NDVI Trace repository on the csu-environmental-data-science GitHub. Then you will need to answer the questions here by using the data and code from this section. Once you have finished your assignment, you should save them, commit them to git, and then push them to GitHub on your fork. I’ll then go into your fork and grade your assignment there.

This assignment is due on Monday, 9/16/2019, so you have -64 days to turn in your assignment. Negative numbers mean your assignment is late!

3.1.1 Answers

The answers to assignment 1 can be found here with additional solutions provided by various class members

3.2 Snow influence on watershed discharge (using RMarkdown)

For this assignment I want you to reproduce the analyses, figures, and style of this document here. You don’t have to get the table of contents exactly the same, but I encourage you to try. Here you will once again be pushing your assignment to GitHub for me to grade.

This assignment is due on Friday, 9/20/2019, so you have -60 days to turn in your assignment.

3.2.1 Answers:

The answer for how to exactly reproduce the html are here

3.3 Lagos lake data

For this assignment (and most future ones), you will simply be answering the In-class sections of all Rmds in each forked repository. For this week those are here.

3.3.1 Answers

The answers are here

3.4 Raster data

Complete both in class sections of the 2 Rmds here