I use ideas from geomorphology, hydrology, and

ecology to understand how humans alter ecosystems.

As a PhD student at Duke University, I worked with my advisers

Emily Bernhardt, Martin Doyle, and Brian McGlynn

to understand how mountaintop mining for coal

has changed the physical landscape in Central Appalachia

and how these changes lead to long-term and dramatic

shifts in hydrologic and biogeochemical regimes and changes

in local and regional water quality. As a post-doctoral researcher

at UNC Chapel Hill, I worked with Tamlin Pavelsky on

multi-spectral remote sensing techniques

to understand water quality changes at regional to global scales.

More of my research can be found on my Google Scholar page

Current projects I’m most excited about

1) Remote sensing of water quality and ecological controls on longitudinal variation in river chemistry.

2) Using otolith’s (inner ear bones of fish) to recreate and understand historic change in

metal concentrations in lakes and reservoirs.

3) Understanding how people have altered chemical weathering across the globe.

4) Linking the combined impacts of fire, agriculture, and mining on