1 Land Use and Water Quality (WR418)

This working webpage hosts all lecture material, code, assignments, and the syllabus for Land Use and Water Quality (WR418) taught at Colorado State University. This class is undergoing rapid change and

The long-term vision for this project is to work towards an open access book similar to R for Data Science, which can be used to teach college students about the interaction of human land-use and downstream water quality change.

1.1 Course Goals

The broadest goals of the course are for students to develop both an intuitive and quantitative understanding of:

  • Understanding basic aqueous chemistry to better understand dominant chemical controls on water quality

  • The chemical reactions and processes that govern the connection between land-use and downstream water quality, over short and long time-scales.

  • The status of water quality in lakes and rivers across the globe and how it relates to legislation, developoment, and environmental change broadly.